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WELCOME to the A.C.E. Prize.

NEW for 2016: High School Student Eligibility

This program now extends to include students at Public High Schools, Private Preparatory Schools, Parochial Schools, and Charter Schools. For public school students in lieu of scholarships, award compensation is structured on a case-by-case basis.

College and University Eligibility

Public and Private Colleges and Universities across America face economic challenges, and energy reduction is one powerful way to control the rising operating costs of education. The A.C.E. Prize is a scholarship program for undergraduate and graduate students attending U.S. schools that want to help facilitate energy savings for their schools and engage in a career path within the new American Energy Revolution.

Many schools seek federal and/or state support funding for energy retrofits. Back on November 30th 2012, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Funded projects through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) started to require U.S. Made LED Tubes to comply with the "Buy America" Standards. Department of Energy (DOE) Enforces “Buy America” Standards.

Our Corporate Sponsor, Independence LED, is a U.S. Manufacturer of LED Tubes that meet the Buy America qualifications. Independence LED has committed up to $10 Million in Scholarships for the A.C.E. Prize initiative.


The A.C.E Prize welcomes participation from students of any undergraduate or graduate degree program, although the majority of interest to date has come from students with a focus on engineering, environmental science, and/or business. The Learn and Earn Scholarship program is ideal for students that are highly motivate since the scholarships are performance based.

Students accepted into the program are assigned an Energy Efficiency Mentor and the deliverables include but are not limited to on-campus lighting counts "The Audit", Savings Reports on the Return On Investment "ROI" and Proposal Generation. The scholarships are awarded when the schools activate one or more energy retrofit initiatives with the Made in America technology by Independence LED. The goal of the program is to help schools save money while students both learn about emerging energy technology and make money to help pay for school. Over the course of 2012, A.C.E. Prize developed the pilot program and the 2012 A.C.E Prize Pioneer Winners included two Ohio State University students: Emily Holloway and Chenxi Li. Ms. Holloway and Mr. Li worked in conjunction with their mentor to learn about the different ways to assess energy efficiency and use the ROI Calculator tools. The resulting Proposal and Support File are a reflection of their dedication to finding savings for OSU.

Sample Proposal and Support File:

ACE Prize – Sample Proposal with Savings Reports

ACE Prize – Sample Support File with Photographs



Independence LED moved its LED manufacturing fron China to Boyertown, Pennsylvania in 2010. Independence LED is a leading U.S. manufacturer of energy saving LED tubes and fixtures for education institutions as well as corporations, and local, state, and federal government facilities.

In addition to providing $10 Million in Scholarships, Independence LED has created an Education Institution Grant Program that provides the schools with Discount of up to 10% on the cost of its high-performance LEDs to help reach 36 Month Paybacks or 33% Return On Investment (ROI) through 12/31/16. For this program, Independence LED also provides financing with $0 down payment programs for colleges and universities through its strategic relationships. The financing provides an opportunity for the schools to receive cash flow positive results without any out of pocket expense.