What is Trust Rating?

Trust rating is a rating between 0 and 5 that Ace Prize give providers of competitions and prize draws on this site.

The score is designed to be an independent and well researched tool in order to assist our users when deciding which providers to use.

Ratings of 3-3.4 should be considered average, 3.5-3.9 good, 4-4.4 high, 4.5-4.9 very high with 5 being considered ace. A score of 2.5-.2.9 should be considered below average with 2-2.4 poor, 1.5-1.9 very poor and 1-1.4, terrible, anything below is abysmal.

What is User Rating and How is it Different?

User rating is the combined average score of user reviews left on Ace Prize by registered users. Users may rate a provider they have had experience with in the form of a general review on the providers review page.

This rating is to be considered a general score used to give an opinion on whether the provider is recommended rather than purely a trust rating with a primary focus on safety.