What is Odds Value Rating?

Odds value rating is a rating that helps to show the estimated return on average from purchasing an entry into a competition.

The score is designed to be an estimate that gives users an idea of which competitions offer the best value for money. Odds rating may change during the course of a competition for example to reflect how many tickets are sold or a change in the ticket price.

A score of 60 should be considered average, 70 good, 80 high and 90 very high, 100 should be considered ace as it should mean that the competition is returning an average of the ticket price back to the average player, with running costs a provider would most probably be making a loss with this scenario hence it would be extremely rare. 50 should be considered below average, 40 is poor and 30 very poor, 20 is terrible and 10 or less abysmal.


What is Free Entry Odds Value Rating and How is it Different?

Free entry odds rating is calculated in the same way as the standard odds rating but takes into account any cost that may be incurred in submitting a ‘free’ entry such as postage costs. It is typical for a free entry to have a much higher return than purchasing a ticket. The score required for an average rating will be double that of the standard odds rating indicating that free entry odds should always be expected to be significantly better than the standard entry odds due to the added hassle of processing an entry. Free entry routes can be very profitable but come with considerable drawbacks such as time spent completing and mailing entries, reading all the terms and conditions as well as restrictions that a provider may place on entrants using these methods.