ACE Prize

News that Initiated the ACE Prize


Many schools seek federal and/or state support funding for energy retrofits. As of November 30th 2012, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Funded projects through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) now require U.S. Made LED Tubes to comply with the "Buy America" Standards. Department of Energy (DOE) Enforces “Buy America” Standards. Our Corporate Sponsor, Independence LED, is a U.S. Manufacturer of LED Tubes that meet the Buy America qualifications. Independence LED has committed up to $10 Million in Scholarships for the A.C.E. Prize initiative.



Launch Year: 2012 A.C.E Prize Pioneer Winners: Ohio State University: Emily Holloway & Chenxi Li

Ms. Holloway and Mr. Li received this award based on their dedication to explore multiple ways to save money for their school and also to help, through their pioneering spirit, shape the A.C.E. Prize over its launch year.



Given the high cost of electricity in Europe and in other countries relative to the cost of electricity in the U.S., the A.C.E. Prize has opened an exploratory to determine the logistical requirements of servicing overseas students and their campuses. The International Campus Prize (I.C.E) Prize was inspired by the energy research illustrating the dramatic difference in Global kWh cost. As an example, Europe typically has significantly higher electricity costs than the US.

Some American academic institutions have satellite facilities overseas or sister schools that are eligible within the current A.C.E Prize.