ACE Prize

About Us

The A.C.E. Prize is dedicated to its Mission, Vision, and position on Global Stewardship.


To educate a new generation of students that will play an integral role in the new Global Energy Economy, and to reward them with scholarships when they succeed at helping their schools reduce energy consumption.


To inspire energy professionals to join as student mentors in support of the A.C.E Prize mission, and to inspire energy reduction and renewable companies beyond lighting to participate as sponsors in the A.C.E Prize.

Global Stewardship:

Beyond the Mission and Vision, A.C.E. Prize promotes stewardship and responsible energy consumption to generate a healthier planet and inspire generations of students, faculty, energy professionals, and citizens of the world to support sustainable practices in across home and workplaces.

The A.C.E. Prize was initiated by Charlie Szoradi, the Chairman and CEO of Independence LED. Mr. Szoradi has dedicated over 20 years of his career as a “Green” architect to identify the most cost-effective  ways to impact positive change through sustainability. Bio